Warning: In the event of damage to the Hall sensor, always check the ignition coil and ignition cables before installing the new sensor.

If the ignition coil has dents or cracks, always replace it.

If the BOSCH ignition coil 0 221 500 200 is installed, it must be replaced. These ignition coils are waste and cause most problems.

The ignition wires must be suppressed with at least 2 kOhm resistance. Measured from coil connection to plug electrode.

Ignition wires WITHOUT resistance cause damage to the Hall effect !

Here the measured values for the ignition coil and the ignition wires: Ignition wires with plugs and spark plug (approx. 2-10 KOhm)

ignition coil ( Kl. 15 and 1 approx. 0,5 - 0,8 Ohm , high voltage outputs approx. 7 - 13 KOhm)

Adjust only with suitable Hall sensor testers. Under no circumstances connect test lamps.