In case of damage to the Hall effect sensor, always check the ignition coil and the ignition cables before installing the new Hall effect
sensor. If the ignition coil has dents or cracks, replace it.

Here are the measured values for the ignition coil and the ignition leads: Ignition cables with connectors (approx. 6-8 kOhm)

ignition coil ( Kl. 15 and 1 approx. 0,5 - 0,8 Ohm , high voltage outputs approx. 7 - 13 kOhm)

replacing the hall effect sensor you should also replace the poly belt
to the alternator. These are also available in the shop.

When replacing the hall sensor, the ignition must be statically adjusted. A special device is required for this. also available here.

All our Hall sensors, cables and insulations are at least 1 level higher quality than series

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