Dear BMW friends.

I would like to inform you, that we will not deliver shipments to private customers to Austria, Sweden, Finland, Spain and Bulgaria. Please thank the new packaging regulations of the respective countries for this.

We can continue to supply retailers and companies. If you would like to buy something, please send us an email.

Shopping is not possible for customers from Latvia, Poland, Luxembourg, Slovakia, Romania, Greece and Cyprus

Thank you for your interest in my products and services.As usual, my program has been extended and refined again this year. My proven ignition systems are completely standard compatible (to be maintained and repaired by any BMW workshop) and are installed by most serious tuners and BMW specialists.Even with my new developments, the first principle is to incorporate as far as possible original BMW parts or commercially available components. This ensures that you do not "stand in the rain" on a big holiday trip in the event of a breakdown ...Please note that I have no fixed opening hours; if you want to stop by, an appointment is recommended. Price changes and technical changes reserved. Valid are these terms and conditions for all transactions with me (terms and conditions). If you want to make improvements call us !!All prices incl. VAT in Euro.And now have fun browsing through my list of offers; Unfortunately, not all boxer specialties can be performed. If you miss something or have questions, call me. Almost everything is possible !!

Rudolf Kallenbach