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The Mot-Test diagnostic tool is used to read out and delete the fault memory of the Motronic MA 2.2 and the ABS II systems used in the following BMW models:

  • K 1
  • K 100 RS (4-V)
  • K 1100 RS
  • K1100 LT
  • R 850 R
  • R 850 GS
  • R 1100 GS
  • R 1100 R
  • R 1100 RS
  • R 1100 RT

The 3-pin diagnostic plug is usually fitted with a blue protective cap and located under the bench near the Motronic central electrical system.

Please pay close attention to the manual as some tests are made with the engine running (only outdoors/in good ventilated rooms) and some with just the ignition switched on. If you are uncertain, please visit a professional workshop.

The Mot-Test needs to be plugged into the bikes 12v power socket for all tests.

Mot-Test can be used the following functions:

  • Testing and positioning of the throttle valve sensor
  • Reading out the Motronic 2.2 fault memory
  • Deleting the Motronic 2.2 fault memory
  • Reading out the ABS II fault memory
  • Deleting the ABS II fault memory

The tool draws power from the bikes 12v power socket and is fitted with a 1A fuse. The LED indicator light is bright and clearly visible.

A sensible investment that pays for itself after the first throttle valve adjustment.

Includes manual in english and german language.

3-year warranty